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Learn How to Build a Shelter Outdoors: Wilderness Travel Guides for DIY (Do It Yourself) Shelter Building

Survival Shelter Wilderness Travel and Survival Shelter Building for Any Skill Level

Wilderness travel can teach us important life lessons and put our mental and physical resilience to the test. Shelter building is one of the most important skills for a successful outdoor adventure and can also help you stay safe during a remote camping trip or any survival expedition. Be prepared for your next remote camping trip or survival adventure and ensure your safety against the elements.

In an emergency, time is of the essence, and building a shelter should be as quick and efficient as possible. Constructing a shelter at night can be incredibly difficult and cutting trees or branches with limited light can be hazardous. Learn the skills necessary to build an effective survival shelter that can be made in an hour and protect you from wind, rain, and even snow.

Wilderness Travel and Shelter Building: Steps to Take

On your next wilderness adventure, test yourself by learning how to build an outdoor shelter that can help you survive when facing the elements in a survival situation. Use this guide to learn how.

survival knife What You Will Need for Building a Shelter: The Basics

Here is what you will need for crafting a survival shelter while out in the wilderness:

  • Natural resources, such as trees and branches
  • A bushcraft blade or machete that can cut through small trees or branches
  • A strong and sturdy “y-shaped” tree
  • Twine or rope strong enough to hold together several branches

Tips for Sourcing Materials Required for Shelter Building

Sourcing resources that are suitable for building a shelter is very important. Here is your guide for building and finding the right materials:

  • You will need several large sticks or strong branches that can be cut into portions that are uniform and about three feet long
  • Source a large assortment of branches that have healthy leaves - some of the best lining is from pine trees
  • Select a location that has a solid y-shaped tree and doesn’t require much transportation of materials to your shelter
    • Having to move large amounts of materials can be time-consuming and waste precious energy
  • Choose a relatively flat location and clear out any debris before constructing the spine of your shelter

Survival Shelter Constructing Your Shelter

Keep it simple and use these steps to create a strong and sturdy shelter:

  • The underlying backbone or spine of your shelter should be as simple as possible and consist of two fundamental points, the Y-shaped tree, and a makeshift tripod
  • Band together several long branches or trees to create a strong tripod that sits directly across from the Y-shaped tree you have selected
  • Place a sturdy tree or branch between your tripod and Y-shaped tree to create the spine of your shelter

Once the spine of your shelter is completed, you can begin building its walls or lining:

  • Next, line the spine of your shelter with the 3-foot branches you sourced earlier to create the ribs or walls of the shelter
    • Ensure that the walls are layered downward enough that it blocks the elements and can encourage rain or snow to fall downwards off the shelter rather than inside
  • Stack leaves, pine, or other debris along the bottom of the ribs, building upwards

Now that you have created a basic shelter, make a simple fire that can keep you warm and last throughout the night.

hiking boots Wilderness Travel and Shelter Building with Overwatch and Rescue

Outdoor adventure and wilderness travel come with many risks, and even the most experienced woods person should take every step necessary to ensure their safety out in nature.

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