A Critical Event Management Company
FocusPoint International is committed to addressing travel risk exposure and encouraging people to travel fearlessly by traveling with CAP™. The company leverages an omni-channel strategy to reach business and leisure travelers. The three primary paths to customers are:
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Direct B2C eCommerce
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Direct B2B Sales
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In-Direct B2B2C Channel Distribution
Channel Distribution

FocusPoint has successfully partnered with large multinational organizations, specialty products and services companies to distribute CAP™ within their ecosystems. Typical paths to adoption include embedding CAP into existing products and integration into a digital purchase path, after-sale correspondence and second chance opportunities. While the greatest value comes from fully embedding CAP into existing products and services, the company has also seen success through traditional referral relationships.

Benefits of Channel Distribution

  • Demonstrate social responsibility
  • Enhance benefits to end consumers
  • Increase customer loyalty and long-term value (LTV)
  • Create significant market differentiation
  • Possible first mover position (depending on vertical and market)
  • Increased shareholder value
  • Improve market position
  • Increase adoption of underlying product
  • Generate ancillary revenue
  • Possible reduction of balance sheet risk (insurance vertical)
Ideal Channel Distribution Partners

Travel Insurance Providers
Travel Agencies & Tour Operators
Assistance Companies & TPA’s
P&C and A&H Carriers
Telecommunications Companies
Insurance Brokers
Affinity Groups
Vehicle Rental Companies
Rideshare Companies
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