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What About Travel Insurance for Camping? Explore the Benefits of Travel Assistance

Camping with Dog Travel Insurance for Camping: What Every Consumer Should Know

Remote camping has become incredibly popular, but many are unaware of the risks involved, even if they have travel insurance. In fact, many travel insurance policies might consider the outdoor activities that you enjoy to be high-risk, voiding your policy altogether.

Many consumers are simply unaware of the limitations of their traditional travel insurance. If you should need the services of an air ambulance, your travel insurance provider will not likely pay for such a service, leaving you with a life-changing bill that can never be paid off. Explore the benefits of travel assistance products that come with fewer limitations, increased benefits, and services that speak directly to the needs of those who love the outdoors.

Travel Insurance for Camping and High-Risk Activities

Every travel insurance policy is unique, and the only way to fully understand what comes with your policy is to read the fine print in full. Many consumers blindly purchase travel insurance, failing to understand the fine print and what they are covered for. This is especially problematic for remote campers and outdoor thrill seekers heading off the beaten path and directly into the wilderness.

Not to say that travel insurance has no purpose for outdoor travelers; it does help with canceled trips and lost camping gear. But the nature of travel insurance is flawed, leaving more questions and concerns than resolutions.

Insurance Papers Travel Insurance for Camping and Its Limitations

Should you become lost or injured during a remote camping trip, travel insurance is likely to have little to offer you. Travel insurance policies almost never cover search and rescue missions, and if you need to be airlifted to a hospital, it could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars. For those who love to travel internationally and explore the great outdoors simultaneously, a serious injury could require multiple air ambulance trips, which usually need to be paid for upfront.

The end costs can be devastating, leaving you to source funds from friends and family to pay the final bill. Travel assistance products address this overlooked issue and offer full search and rescue solutions for one price.

Travel Insurance for Camping and Its Many Complications

Overwatch and Rescue is the next evolution in safe travel with travel benefits that speak directly to your needs. Where travel insurance providers fail, Overwatch and Rescue steps in to offer fully comprehensive search and rescue travel benefits that can extract you from the depths of any part of the world. Explore the mountainsides of Canada, Switzerland, and Italy, knowing that you will be rescued should the unthinkable happen.

As for outdoor activities, reasonable outdoor and leisure activities are included with Overwatch and Rescue, letting you pitch a tent anywhere in the world, explore mountainsides, and dip your toes in some of the most exotic oceans in the world. Even if a travel insurance policy covers these kinds of activities, coverage is likely only available on a reimbursement basis, leaving you to pay upfront and then navigate the claims process. During these times, making claims for these benefits can be extremely time-consuming and intentionally complex so that insurance providers protect themselves rather than their customers.

With Overwatch and Rescue, there is no claims process to navigate, and travelers experience a full response to a number of medical and travel mishaps that are often not included in a traditional travel insurance policy, such as extreme weather, political uprising, and acts of war.

The end goal for travel assistance plans such as Overwatch and Rescue will always be to get customers home safely or to a hospital of their choosing so they can return to exploring the world without fear.

Couple Camping with Dog Travel Insurance for Camping? Explore Travel Assistance Plans Such as Overwatch and Rescue

FocusPoint International is now offering an all-encompassing and life-changing emergency assistance plan for every global traveler and those that like to get outdoors and be active. Building on the fundamentals of FPI’s flagship CAP Travel Medical and Security Assistance Plan, the Global Overwatch and Rescue Plan (O&R) responds to everything from common incidents associated with recreational activities, vehicle, motorcycle and even snowmobile accidents, to the many hazards of adventure travel in the world’s most remote destinations.

O&R is an emergency assistance plan that includes unlimited on-demand advice, Satellite Emergency Notification Device (SEND)/GPS monitoring, Search and Rescue (SAR) escalation, and fully-funded assistance, including evacuations from the point of incident or a treating facility for those that become hospitalized due to injury or illness, to include COVID-19, and/or security incidents that impact customers during a qualifying event or period of travel.

O&R also includes a robust technology platform that integrates with 3rd party Internet of Things (IoT) and Satellite Emergency Notification Devices (SEND), allowing for seamless tracking and alert notifications to streamline the escalation to emergency response services if and when needed.

Find peace of mind knowing that FocusPoint International’s Global Overwatch and Rescue Plan is there when you need it most.