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Heli-Skiing Basics for Adventure Travelers

Helicopter in Snow Mountains Heli-skiing is an extreme and adventurous travel trend that is soaring in popularity. As more and more North Americans embrace adventure travel, many people are considering heli-skiing for the first time. While heli-skiing isn’t exactly for the faint of heart, it’s perfect for thrill seekers who wish to live life to the fullest and combine travel and adventure into one experience. For those who are willing to explore life-changing travel experiences, helicopter skiing is likely to dazzle and take your adventure travel experience to new heights.

Heli-Skiing: Questions Answered

Overwatch and Rescue (O&R), powered by FocusPoint International, is committed to providing adventure travelers with emergency assistance response anywhere in the world.

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about heli-skiing and explore other life-changing adventure travel experiences.

What is Helicopter Skiing?

Helicopter skiing is the act of utilizing a helicopter to ski down mountain terrain that usually isn’t accessible. Many heli-skiing runs offer incredible views, exhilarating runs, and untouched landscapes that traditional ski resorts simply can’t provide. It’s one of the most thrilling travel experiences available to adventure travelers.

Ski Jump How Can Someone Helicopter Skii?

Several booking agencies offer helicopter skiing packages, from just the helicopter ride to more extensive luxury bookings, including food and accommodations.

Where Can You Go Heli-Skiing?

The sky is the limit when it comes to heli-skiing, and many agencies can facilitate experiences in places like Alaska, British Columbia, Iceland, Greenland, Switzerland, Russia, and Japan. Some of the best skiing is found in Canada at destinations throughout British Columbia, including Great Bear, Revelstoke, and Whistler.

More exotic travel destinations are available, but they come at a premium price. The Kamchatka Peninsula of Russia has gained a reputation as a world-class heli-skiing destination, along with Himachal Pradesh, India, an incredible travel experience for winter sports enthusiasts. Heli-skiing trips are unique in that it brings together winter sports and cultural experiences, taking you to the far reaches of the world to enjoy the adventure alongside other travelers.

Can Beginners Heli-Ski?

Heli-skiing is not intended for beginner or novice skiers, but the hobby isn't reserved for advanced winter athletes either. Strong and advanced skiers who are physically fit can also enjoy the experience.

For anyone considering heli-skiing for the first time, you should have several years of skiing experience and be able to confidently ski most runs at traditional resorts in varying weather conditions. Prospective heli-skiers should also be able to comfortably enjoy multi-day ski trips, own high-performance gear, and have professional training.

Helicopter In Mountains How Much Does Heli-Skiing Cost?

Each provider is different, but travelers should expect to spend upwards of $10,000 on a proper heli-skiing trip.

When Is the Best Time to Go Heli Skiing?

The best time is truly dependent on your destination. Heli-skiing in Alaska or British Columbia is best during winter, while more remote and exotic destinations may call for different timing. Carefully research your destination before you book.

Can You Heli-Snowboard?

Most heli-ski providers offer the opportunity to bring along your snowboard.

What Type of Travel Insurance Should I Get for Heli-Skiing?

Many heli-skiing operators will not let you participate if you do not come prepared with proper travel insurance that specifically includes coverage for heli-skiing and a travel plan that provides medical helicopter evacuation.

snowboarding Heli-Ski Alongside Overwatch and Rescue

Of course, there are certain risks when heli-skiing that simply can’t be avoided. Before you book, explore a travel plan that can respond to travel mishaps, potential hospitalization and can ensure your safety no matter where you are.

FocusPoint International offers an all-encompassing and life-changing emergency assistance plan for every global traveler and those that like to get outdoors and be active. Building on the fundamentals of FPI’s flagship CAP Tripside Assistance Plan, the global Overwatch and Rescue (O&R) plan responds to everything from common incidents associated with recreational activities, vehicle, motorcycle, and snowmobile accidents, to the many hazards of adventure travel in the world’s most remote destinations.

O&R is an emergency assistance plan that includes unlimited on-demand advice, Satellite Emergency Notification Device (SEND)/GPS monitoring, Search and Rescue (SAR) escalation, and fully-funded assistance, including evacuations from the point of incident, or a treating facility for those that become hospitalized due to injury or illness, to include COVID-19 quarantine cost coverage, and/or security incidents that impact customers during a qualifying event or period of travel.

O&R also includes a robust technology platform that integrates with 3rd party Internet of Things (IoT) and Satellite Emergency Notification Devices (SEND), allowing for seamless tracking and alert notifications to streamline the escalation to emergency response services if and when needed.

Find peace of mind knowing that FocusPoint International’s global Overwatch and Rescue plan is there when you need it most.