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Adventure Travel That Offers the Best Rock Climbing in Asia and Africa

Rock Climbing International Rock Climbing Travel Adventures

Rock climbing and bouldering can give you unique perspectives during international travel. With international tourism continuing to become more accessible, adventure travelers should consider Asia or Africa for their next trip.

Adventure Travel, Including the Top Rock Climbing Destinations in Asia and Africa

These top destinations for rock climbing will bring you together with like-minded travelers and get you closer to nature while enjoying a little thrill along the way.

Rock Climbing in Thailand The Best Rock Climbing in Asia

Thailand offers endless outdoor adventure, including hiking, surfing, camping, and some of the world’s best rocking climbing. Thailand’s Tonsai Beach is worth visiting simply for its crystal-clear beaches, easygoing locals, and general affordability. International climbers also flock to Tonsai and Railay for rock climbing, which are just a short walk from one another.

The Tonsai Wall is the top route for climbers and includes Viking in Heat, Tonsai Playboy, and Gaeng Som Pla. Dum's Kitchen is for the more advanced, while Tyrolean Wall is more appropriate for those still learning the sport. Fire Wall is another great option for intermediate climbers, while Melting Wall and Cat Wall are also incredible experiences.

Malaysia is another great option for adventure sports, including hiking and rock climbing; adventure seekers should head off to the Bukit Takun crag in the depths of the rich Malaysian jungle. Just 45 minutes from Kuala Lumpur, this destination is easily accessible from major airports and gets adventurers close to nature with several climbing routes suitable for all skill levels.

Its limestone and granite outcrop offers several climbing routes, with more being developed each year and plenty of variety that can challenge even the most experienced and technical climber. The Batu Caves is another great option offering close to 200 different climbing routes in its massive limestone outcrop just a short drive north of Kuala Lumpur.

Cat Ba Island, Vietnam, is another bucket-list destination for avid climbers just east of Hanoi and its major airport. A popular destination for beach-loving tourists and watersports adventure, the climbing options here are simply incredible. Many beginner tours are available, along with opportunities that will put your climbing skills to the test. After a great climb, take in the Vietnamese landscape and dive off into the refreshing waters.

Rock Climbing The Best Rock Climbing in Africa

Rocklands, South Africa, is the premier destination for adventure travelers heading to Africa. Here climbing and bouldering are plentiful. Three hours from Cape Town, many international climbers go to the Cederberg Mountains to experience its beautiful and remote desert scenery, along with comfortable weather that is perfect for climbing. The most classic must-experience climbing routes include Roadside and Roadcrew, where you will meet many experienced climbers dedicated to their sport.

The Moroccan Mountains, including Tafraoute and the Todra Gorge, are your best option for climbing in Morroco. The Todra Gorge is a historic climbing option with limestone cliffs that give a view of the beautiful Moroccan landscape. With well over 500 different routes available, there is no shortage of adventure for rock climbers. Tafraoute attracts thousands of adventure travelers with climbing options across four regions which are best experienced by renting a car or camper van.

Egypt's terrain across the Sinai Desert is an incredible experience for adventurers serious about climbing, or complete newcomers to the sport. Dahab awaits visitors from across the world curious about climbing or those looking for a new challenge. Saint Catherine is another great option for trad climbing accessible from Dahab, offering access to one of Africa’s most beautiful national parks.

Rock Climbing Adventure Travel Alongside Overwatch and Rescue

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