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FocusPoint’s message for travelers impacted by the Haiti Travel Advisory

  Greg Pearson

Are you or a loved one stranded in Haiti? Here’s what FocusPoint International wants you to know:

  • FocusPoint has a Crisis Assistance Team (CAT) on the ground in Haiti.
  • Clients and potential clients are advised to shelter-in-place until further advised. Ground travel in and around Port au Prince and elsewhere is not advisable due to civil unrest, ad hoc roadblocks by police/military and protestors, accompanied with violence towards persons riding in motor vehicles.
  • FocusPoint Crisis Assistance Center is tracking clients and potential clients. Their positions are mapped along with specific geo-coordinates as well as their current status.
  • Evacuation at this point is not an option because roads into and out of PAP International Airport are attempting to be closed by violent demonstrators.
  • FocusPoint personnel, both in the CRC and on the ground, are working to identify further options.
  • Our CRC is remaining in contact with all clients/potential clients by twice daily check-ins.
  • Anybody needing assistance should contact our Crisis Response Center at +1 619 717 8549 (24/7).