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Major Event Security

With the release of the new movie about the Boston Marathon bombing, I was reflecting on the fact that event security has become more of a concern now than at any time in my career. Given the most recent attacks in France and Israel where vehicles were used as weapons, any large gathering of spectators and participants, or events of almost any size can be considered targets for an attack that will cause maximum panic and guaranteed press coverage.

Securing large crowds requires constant preparation and participation of both government and private sector security organizations. Although the media mentions some of the preparations and the number of law-enforcement resources that will be deployed, the amount of planning that goes into the security of almost any size event is often overlooked.

In the coming weeks, we will see a massive security presence at events such as the Presidential Inauguration and the Super Bowl. What the general public may not be aware of is the amount of time that is required to create an in-depth security plan for these types of events. While smaller local events such as road races, sporting tournaments and others may seem to be less significant; they too require planning and coordination to ensure they can be held safely and successfully.

Event security planning is not easy, especially when resources are stretched thin in local municipalities, but getting started as early as possible, having good coordination between event planners and security resources are essential to ensuring that everything goes well.

Millions of people around the globe will be watching Super Bowl, and I am sure that, just as in previous years, things will go smoothly with regards to security and safety. What some folks may not realize is that detailed security plans were developed before last year’s event, have been refined and improved over the past year and have involved hundreds of professionals working diligently to protect all who will be attending.

No matter what size event you may be involved in, early planning and coordination are the keys to success.