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3 Tips to Stay Safe During Holiday Travel

  Lisa Arredondo


Planes, trains, or automobiles; no matter which method of travel you or your loved ones will utilize, it is important to keep the following tips in mind traveling.

Use a Designated Driver/Ride Share Service:

The holidays often provide a mixture of family, food, and fun. Within that combination, you can usually find alcohol mixed in. To ensure safety on the road, designate a sober driver and do not drive impaired. A designated driver will be able to respond to road situations and other drivers with confidence and deliver you and your loved ones home safely.

Research the Weather:

Knowing what the weather conditions will be prior to travel will enable you to adjust your travel plans accordingly. If foul weather is predicted, call your airline or train station to determine if your trip will be delayed or canceled. Having this information before you go will help eliminate being stranded at the airport or train station.

Do your Homework:

While traveling to an overseas destination, make sure to do your homework on the location you are visiting. Review the country’s destination reports, look at where the hotel is located and research the area around it. Plan routes to your events ahead of time by taking screenshots or printing out directions in case your GPS does not function.

To learn more about travel safety, please visit: www.travelwithCAP.com