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AFIMAC launches TripSecure™, powered by FocusPoint International to enhance traveler safety

Through a partnership with FocusPoint International, AFIMAC Global is the first security company to embed TripSecure™, a new fully-funded medical transport, travel security and crisis assistance solution designed specifically for the global transportation providers.

“Including TripSecure in each of our secure transportation contracts enhances our client’s travel experience by allowing us to provide fully-funded assistance for medical and non-medical emergencies that impact customers while in the care, custody, and control of AFIMAC Global,” says Maria Teresa Septien, Managing Director for AFIMAC Latin America.

“The partnership with AFIMAC Global exemplifies their commitment to providing the most comprehensive security package to clients,” says Craig Colburn, COO FocusPoint International. “TripSecure is the ideal enhancement for secured transportation providers, like AFIMAC, to differentiate themselves in the market by demonstrating a standard of care and social responsibility.”

TripSecure™ includes:
  •   Medical Transportation - Hospital to hospital medical repatriation to a home hospital of choice
  •   24/7 Assistance - Advice and coordinated in-country assistance up to and including evacuation for matters related to terrorism, political violence, civil commotion and unrest, natural disasters, pandemics and violent crime
  •   Crisis Response - Fully funded crisis response to kidnap for ransom, the disappearance of persons, wrongful detention, blackmail and extortion

TripSecure™ is not an access program or an insurance plan. TripSecure™ is a fully funded membership program offered exclusively by FocusPoint International to global transportation providers through a B2B business agreement.

For more information on TripSecure™, please visit: www.focuspointintl.com/solutions/tripsecure

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