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CAP™, exclusively by FocusPoint International, becomes the first travel assistance membership to include fully-funded pandemic response

FocusPoint International, the company behind the leading travel assistance membership CAP™, is the first travel assistance provider to offer fully-funded pandemic coverage for business and leisure travelers.

“Offering pandemic coverage to our corporate members further positions CAP™ as the most comprehensive travel assistance membership program on the market,” said Greg Pearson, CEO of FocusPoint International. “With the increase of global business travel and the risk of worldwide infectious diseases, the addition of pandemic coverage to CAP™ further demonstrates our commitment to assist organizations in meeting their duty of care obligations for their traveling workforce. Including pandemic coverage as a standard ingredient for leisure travelers is a significant differentiator in an otherwise crowded retail space”, added Pearson.

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines pandemic as a contagious or viral illness that spreads globally. Prior to CAP™, no other travel assistance membership provided travelers with this fully-funded coverage.

To learn more about CAP™ and addition of pandemic coverage, please contact: [email protected]

FocusPoint International is a global risk consultancy that specializes in the full provision of travel risk management and crisis response services for business travelers, leisure travelers, and dispersed assets. FocusPoint’s flagship product CAP™ is the most comprehensive, low cost medical and travel security assistance solution available in the market today.