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FocusPoint CEO: Here’s Why Travelers Are In ‘Wait-And-See’ Mode As Ukraine Invasion Continues

Kyiv, Ukraine Even though Covid-19 is slowly loosening its grip on the world, international travel demand remains almost flat compared to last year. Americans are reluctant to travel abroad, with memories of quarantines and travel restrictions still fresh in their minds. And then there's Russia's invasion of Ukraine. I asked Greg Pearson, CEO of global assistance company FocusPoint International, to take a closer look at those worries and read the tea leaves for the upcoming 2022 vacation season.

Why are people afraid to travel today?

Most people are still looking at travel through the lens of a world reeling from Covid-19. While the EU has begun to relax Covid protocols, the thought of navigating entry and exit requirements is enough to dissuade some people from traveling abroad. But more broadly, travelers don't want to contract Covid-19 during a trip and be forced to quarantine or, worse, end up hospitalized as a result. Add to that the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, and it's easy to see why people would be hesitant to travel abroad this summer.

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