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Bullitt Satellite Connect on show at CES 2023, providing essential communication wherever cell coverage is a challenge

Person using phone during hike Bullitt Group, the innovative British mobile phone manufacturer has unveiled its much talked about two-way satellite messaging service – Bullitt Satellite Connect – at CES 2023. The service will be commercially available in Q1 2023.

Motorola Mobility, a Lenovo company, and Bullitt have confirmed that the next device in the defy range will be the first smartphone to support Bullitt’s satellite messaging service. The companies have a strategic brand partnership to develop rugged mobile phones under the iconic Motorola brand and are reinforcing this commitment with the launch of this highly advanced connectivity feature in a Motorola smartphone.

Designed for anyone and everyone who has ever been frustrated by a lack of cell coverage, Bullitt Satellite Connect provides reliability and peace of mind to millions of people that live, work, play or roam into the fringes of coverage.

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