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Why Duty of Care Matters

With business travel increasing and the way the world is trending, any organization that has people traveling on their behalf should be aware of their responsibilities and the ‘duty of care’ that is required of them.

Management is often unaware of how to address duty of care and can be difficult to find a complete solution. We at FocusPoint International have developed Crisis Assistance Plus (CAP, a solution that is cost effective and meets duty of care requirements.

CAP™ is a fully funded membership program that provides the critical elements of ‘inform, advise and assist’ to travelers both before they travel and when a crisis occurs. CAP™ is not an insurance or access program. It provides organizations and their employees the peace of mind that they will receive assistance both before their trip and if and when a crisis occurs while traveling.

CAP™ is both cost and operationally effective. For an organization, it provides the visibility of a traveler’s location via travel tracking and the ability to immediately contact them to ensure they are informed of any crisis and how they might be affected. For a traveler, it provides 24-hour consultation services and immediate response in the case of an emergency. Response services are included in the membership, and there are no claims or additional costs after an incident occurs.

The CAP™ program is comprehensive, providing assistance for 14 medical and nine security related risks, some of which are not typically covered by insurance or other travel risk products. It was developed to provide comprehensive services with a low barrier to use. The main differentiator of CAP™ from other travel risk management products is that all of this is included in the membership cost.

All organizations have a responsibility to provide the best possible care to their people who travel. Duty of care matters. It is not only a legal requirement, but it is the right thing to do. Employers should do everything possible to keep employees safe. Employees should know that if something happens while traveling, someone is there to help. CAP™ is a perfectly tailored solution to meet those standards and provide real assistance to employees in crisis.