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New Business Travel Trends – How do They Affect TRM Programs?

Recently I’ve heard some people talking about the risks posed by new travel technology and ‘shared services’ being utilized for business related travel. Corporate travel management and security professionals are trying to understand and mitigate risks posed by employees using alternative lodging services, ride sharing services and other non-traditional methods of travel. Travel policies are being scrutinized and revised by many corporations and questions about liability and DUTY OF CARE are being discussed.

While addressing these issues, it’s a great opportunity for companies to take a good look at their travel risk management programs, and crisis response plans and resources. How does the company track travelers? How do you communicate with travelers in case of emergency? What resources are provided before and during travel related to threat/risk? How do you respond to a major crisis/emergency situation involving travelers? These are all critical components of an effective travel risk management program. They should be examined very carefully to ensure your organization is prepared. Also, updates to policies and acquisition of other resources should be discussed and implemented.

The days of company approved airlines, lodging and transportation services are changing, but duty of care, and a company’s responsibility and liability remain.

Is your business prepared for the changes in the travel industry and the new risks they pose?