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PULSE – A monitoring and escalation platform for SEND, PERS and mPERS connected devices

PULSE for SEND, PERS and mPERS provides seamless integration with satellite-enabled emergency communication devices through customs APIs to provide reliable emergency response capabilities for end users in remote or off-grid environments where traditional communication methods may be unavailable or unreliable.
Key aspects of PULSE as a ERaaS (Emergency Response as a Service) Platform include:

PULSE enables quick and efficient emergency response by trained multilingual support specialists by ingesting emergency SOS activations from connected devices and displaying critical information to support the intake, triage and escalation process. Data displayed from SOS activations may include user profile details, alert / incident details, real-time device location (latitude and longitude), primary and secondary emergency contact details and if the device is capable, two-way communication with the device user. Once validated, support specialists utilize the built-in QRT (Quick Response Template) to escalate the SOS activation to the appropriate response agency displayed in PULSE based on the incident type and proximity of the response agency to the connected device users location. Response Agencies are sent live tracking links from PULSE to support the response process. This rapid response can be critical in situations where immediate assistance is needed, such as medical emergencies, natural disasters, or security threats.
Device dependent, PULSE is capable of two-way communication between the device user in distress and the emergency response center. This communication capability enables support specialists to gather essential information about the situation, provide instructions to the user, and coordinate the appropriate response, enhancing the effectiveness of the emergency response process.
PULSE can facilitate customized escalation procedures based on the nature of the emergency and user preferences. For example, it can notify designated emergency contacts, escalate to local emergency services, or coordinate with specialized response teams based on the proximity of the device / incident location, ensuring that the appropriate resources are deployed promptly to address the situation effectively.
In addition to emergency response capabilities, PULSE may offer monitoring and support services, such as real-time tracking of users' locations, periodic check-ins for safety assurance, and access to additional resources or assistance as needed. These services enhance user safety and provide reassurance, especially in high-risk or remote environments.
Satellite communication offers a high level of reliability and redundancy compared to terrestrial networks, minimizing the risk of communication failures during emergencies. PULSE leverages this reliability by integrating with SEND, PERS, mPERS and certain satellite-enabled Smartphones to ensure continuous connectivity and effective emergency response, even in challenging or remote conditions.
Satellite-enabled SOS devices ensure coverage even in areas without cellular or terrestrial network coverage, making them ideal for outdoor activities, remote work sites, and travel to remote locations. By integrating with these devices, PULSE extends its reach to virtually anywhere on the planet where satellite service is available, providing peace of mind to users who venture into remote areas.
Peace of Mind for Connected Device Users

Ultimately, the value of PULSE revolves around providing peace of mind for users engaging in activities or traveling to locations where traditional communication channels may not suffice. By offering reliable emergency response capabilities and support services, PULSE empowers connected device users to explore and operate in remote environments with confidence, knowing that help is just the push of a button away in case of emergencies.

Overall, the integration of the PULSE monitoring and emergency escalation platform with satellite-enabled SOS devices enhances safety and security for users in remote or off-grid environments, offering a comprehensive solution for emergency preparedness and response.
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